Founded in 1999, IPA is a national investment firm specialized in building its portfolio through joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions of companies in diverse industries.  Our entrepreneurial strategy integrates private equity, structured finance, strategic partnerships, emerging technologies and our business expertise throughout each transaction and transition to unlock a business’s true potential to allow for unprecedented growth.


IPA is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has the business development resources to handle unique and complex transactions.  Our goal is to provide the essential resources to fuel an existing company’s growth without actively managing the day to day operations of the company.  Each portfolio company is independently operated. Our investments are designed to further develop a business through mutually beneficial solutions that foster long term relationships, develop relevance, exposure and real equity that translates to a long term and sustainable value.
We believe the road to success is comprised of opportunity, interpretation, research, analysis, judgment, planning, preparation, talented people, execution, flexibility and constant communication throughout the process. Ultimately, it is the unwavering determination of the talented and dedicated group of professionals, willing to see a project to its conclusion in the face of today’s challenges that is the key to success. IPA is dedicated to its investments and to its talented professionals and provides the indispensable tools and resources for them to succeed in these endeavors.