IPA Equities launches Keith Publishing

Digital publishing company Keith Publishing has officially launched in Beverly Hills, California.

Keith Publishing will provide a variety of online educational content as well as event content. Founder and CEO, Keith Herman, said, “the everchanging business landscape continues to have voids, due in large part to technological advances. Keith Publishing will address those challenges to meet the ever-growing demands of both young and seasoned business entrepreneurs, startups and small to mid-tier growth companies”.

“We have already produced significant content for release and intend to distribute it through an extensive network that includes prominent influencer marketers with a collective audience in the tens of millions. It was not something planned rather something the market is demanding. And, with the distribution in place it seemed like a perfect collaborative venture”, said Herman.

Keith publishing and its affiliates intend on an initial roll out slated for early second quarter 2017. The company is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills with plans to relocate to accommodate its affiliates and video production demands in the summer of 2017.

For further information about Keith Publishing visit: http://www.keithhealthwell.com and for further information on IPA Equities visit: http://www.ipaequities.com.