We provide crisp and navigable solutions that are engineered from over 25 years of experience that can be implemented with ease and expeditiously to create momentum for prompt and realistic results, even in the most challenging situations, while mitigating risks. We protect the company’s strategic interests, employees, customers and alliances to ensure stability, momentum and growth.


Since its inception IPA has been engaged in the areas of business technology, cloud computing, film production, financial business services, information & technology, intellectual property, mobile solutions, public relations, real estate & software development. Transactions have included both private and public owners and sellers.

Investment Structures

Investment structures are determined on a case by case basis taking into consideration the needs and objectives of all the parties involved. Considerations include the current health of the company, accounting and taxation matters, the business’ current standing and perception within its community, the ability to protect its existing business and relationships, its ability to thrive, gain momentum and develop as a prominent and relevant company to become a leader in its field. IPA considers all options and collaboratively determines the structure best suited for a successful venture. Representative transactions have included new corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. The overriding consideration, in all cases, is choosing the structure that is mutually most beneficial to all the parties involved including the principals, employees, customers, and business relationships.